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This is Riley! He is a Chihuahua Mix I adopted from Frisco Humane Society in 2004. FHS rescued him after his original family dropped him off at the shelter. He had been hit by a car and they didn't take him to a vet. I never dreamed a "throw away" dog would be a true treasure and bring so much joy in my life. 11/12/2001 - 01/30/2020


This is Penny! She is a tiny Chihuahua weighing just under 3lbs. In the Spring of 2008, she was found wandering in a busy street. She was lucky even to be seen and picked up by a good Samaritan. She wasn't reclaimed by her owner at the shelter so Frisco Humane Society rescued her. Even though her name means one cent, she is priceless. 03/23/2005 - 11/08/2021

kramer lawn

This is Kramer! He is our Blue Heeler.

When you let your pet bring unwanted animals into the world....
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